My Makeup Removal Routine

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Ever since I started playing with makeup, I learned the hard way how important it is to remove your makeup before the day ends. My skin was becoming dull and breaking out badly. I also observed some whiteheads and blackheads around my nose area. I wondered why this was happening and I started to change my skincare products. Until I realized all these might be happening because of my improper makeup removal routine. 

The things that I'll be sharing in this post are the things that I learned from famous makeup artists and Korean celebrities 😉. 

Some of the products I use are the Nivea Gentle Cleansing Wipes whenever I'm travelling. But on a daily basis I soak a cotton pad with a makeup remover or cleansing water like The Saem Healing Tea Garden Tea Tree Cleansing Water and L'Oreal Micellar Water

Eye Makeup Removal

 I start with removing my eye makeup such as eye shadow and eyebrow product by holding the cotton pad against my closed eyes for 10 seconds and gently sliding it downwards. 

I also soak a cotton bud or swab with the makeup remover or cleansing water and glide it to my lids to remove any eyeshadow and eyeliner residue. Then, I gently press my eyelids with my ring or pinky finger and rub my lashes with the swab. This way I'm able to remove mascara residue. 

When I'm using waterproof mascara or heavy eye makeup, I would use an oil-based cleanser to easily remove everything in a gentle way. 

Face Makeup Removal

Using another clean and soaked cotton pad (or cleansing wipe), I would gently glide the cotton or wipe around my face and neck area. 

Lip Makeup Removal

I used to always forget to remove my lip makeup. But currently, there are two ways I remove my lip makeup. One is by applying some petroleum jelly around the lip area. After a couple of minutes, rub your lips using a cotton pad. Then, exfoliate your lips with a using a lip scrub or a DIY lip exfoliating mask. Another way of removing lip makeup is  rubbing your lips with another clean and soaked cotton pad or using a cleansing wipe. This way, I would remove and exfoliate my lips at the same time. 

Note that, if you love applying makeup on a daily basis, it is also important to give time to remove these products from our face. That way, we could prevent breakouts or further damage to our skin 😉. As mentioned, I would sometimes use an oil-based cleanser to remove my heavy makeup then use this makeup removal routine to ensure that all makeup residue is removed. The process might be a lot, but honestly, its really effective. 

How do you remove your makeup and what are your favorite products to remove makeup? 😊 I'll be sharing my cleansing routine soon so make sure to click the follow button below!


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