Natural Pacific Perfect Facial Deep Cleansing Oil

by - 6:00 PM

I've used The Body Shop's Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil for a couple of years now and I wanted to try a few cleansing oils from different brands especially from Korean brands. One of my favorite Korean beauty Youtuber several skincare products of Natural Pacific and I thought I should give this brand a go. 

The Natural Pacific Perfect Deep Cleansing Oil is known as the 1 minute perfect cleansing. It removes makeup and makeup residue without second cleansing and contains fermented camellia oil and vegetable oil (such as olive oil, jojoba oil,sunflower seed oil) and jasmine extract for a healthy glow and moisturized skin. It is recommended to oily and dry skin types, sensitive skin types due to oil ingredients and dull and dark skin. 

The image below is taken from the internet showing how effective the cleansing oil is in removing makeup and makeup residue following the oil test on oil paper and also moisture test. 

All I could say is hands down to my new holy grail cleansing oil. It is true to its claims about removing makeup effectively. It is cleanses, moisturizes and removes some white/black heads and dead skin cells along the way giving me a glowy skin It is great for dry, oily, or sensitive skin as tested by my sister and I who have different skin types. It is also convenient for removing eye makeup as it doesn't irritate or harm the eyes. Plus it is affordable so its great for ladies out there who are really into makeup!

I'm definitely looking forward to test out more products from Natural Pacific. 

What's your favorite cleansing oil/balm as of the moment?


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