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DIY Dipbrow Pomade

Most women nowadays don't leave their houses without doing their brows. I stumbled upon a few DIYs and I just had to try this dipbrow pomade. Though there are several versions out there, I used the products that I already have in my stash and tested this DIY. So here goes:

DIY Dipbrow Pomade


  • eye shadow with the same color as your brows or your preferred shade
  • pomade of your choice like styling paste or hair wax or petroleum jelly
  • small container (I reused the eye shadow pot I used)
  • any material you can use to mix the loose eye shadow and pomade (I used a sterilized nail pusher)
DIY Dipbrow Pomade


Using the sterilized nail pusher, scrape the eye shadow creating a loose pigment then mix it with a pea size amount of pomade/clay/petroleum jelly. Apply it to your brows. 

DIY Dipbrow Pomade

I can't believe this but it actually works. This DIY is especially helpful when you run out of your favorite brow product and just need a bit to survive a few days. It also lasts the whole day as expected since the eye shadow I used also lasts the whole day on my lids.

DIY Dipbrow Pomade


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