Milky Dress Dry Water Powder | Affordable Korean Dry Shampoo Review

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Milky Dress Dry Water Powder

It has come to the point that I haven't been washing my hair everyday (after experiencing a lot of hair fall) and of course, as expected, my hair tends to get greasy after a day and sometimes, my hair doesn't smell great. So I thought I should grab or try a dry shampoo and bought the Milky Dress Dry Water Powder the day it released in Althea Korea, my go-to online Korean store.

Its my first time using a Milky Dress Product, and I've never heard bloggers or Youtubers talk about this brand, I guess its one of those products from Korea that isn't "that" known but Althea features (which often happens). But its one of the reasons why I bought it and wanted to review it here 'cause I want to try something new and simply test it out. And it is affordable (in Althea Korea) compared to other online Korean stores I know. 


So from the  website it says that Milky Dress Dry Water Powder is a dry shampoo in liquid formula. Indulge in the scent of Jasmine flower that lasts all day while it catches any unpleasant smell. It treats your hair as if you shampooed it a few minutes ago. The special formula helps your hair become softer and more lustrous. It gives intense nourishment for a sleek, bouncy hair. 


Shake well the bottle and spray onto scalp hair then massage it with your fingers or brush it out with a comb. 


The product comes in a plastic bottle with a finger spray. Honestly, the packaging isn't that great especially the finger spray. Sometimes, it doesn't dispense the product, I have to shake it a few times before spraying maybe because of the product build up at the bottom of the bottle (which dissolves every time you shake the bottle). Also, I have an issue with the finger spray (but its just a personal preference), I want it to spritz the product on a wider area (or circumference? lol I hope I'm making sense here). But I feel like I have to spray the product more with just a certain part/area of my scalp. 

But the formula of the dry shampoo feels great though. I apply it to my scalp in the morning on days I don't wash my hair. It smells a bit like hair spray but its not that strong like a hair spray, it prevents my hair from becoming greasy as well. Hence, it is true to its claims. It does stiffen your hair when you don't massage it that's why I spray it to my damp hair (sometimes) when I don't feel like applying some pomade or cream on my hair. I sort of use it as a hair spray when I try to make a perfect bun to keep my hair (and baby hair) in place. However, when I use it on my second day (unwashed hair) my scalp feels itchy. I don't know if its because of this product or maybe the fact that I have dandruff-prone scalp. 

I rate this product 4/5 stars. It is great but I'm about to try another dry shampoo to really compare the effect of this product since it is my first time using a dry shampoo.

Do you have any dry shampoo recommendations?? 😊


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