Hua Mulan Comb | Hair Care Review

by - 6:00 PM

Last christmas, my dad bought me a Hua Mulan comb as a gift which I though was really thoughtful of him. 

Hua Mulan combs are hand-made from 100% natural materials. Most of their combs are made of wood like sandalwood, rose wood, peach wood and yellow willow wood; integrating some with ox and goat horn. 

With frequent use, these combs help:

  • minimize hair fall, 
  • breakage (with lesser friction as compared to metal and plastic brushes),
  • stimulate the scalp (promoting circulation and release of your hairs' natural oil)
  • reduce stress
  • relieve headache
  • minimize sprouting of gray hair, lower blood pressure, detoxify, alleviating neurasthenia, fever and rheumatism (using combs with ox and goat horn).
My thoughts? Though I've only tried one product from Hua Mulan, I think this comb is amazing and . I got a wood integrated ebony comb which feels a tiny bit heavier than my previous hair brush. Its claims like minimizing hair fall, breakage, etc., in my opinion, all true. After brushing my hair, each strand feels softer and smoother. Before, when I would use an ordinary plastic comb, I'd see more than 10 strands of hair tangled on it. But with the Hua Mulan comb, I usually see two strands of hair or sometimes none! And after a hair cut and more than a month of using it, the ends of my hair still look healthy compared to my usual hair with split-ends last year. 

Definitely recommending this to men who are looking for a special gift to their loved ones and for ladies out there trying to find quality combs with great benefits. 

What's your recent favorite comb or brush?


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