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I've been reading a few blog posts this week. And there are a few posts I wanted to share to you guys. They contain a lot of useful information from interior to self-care to relationships (merged with beauty). It is definitely worth reading 😉. 


There are so many factors to be productive in your study area. And the approach, location and decor usually has an impact with it. 


5 Cleansing Mistakes You Need to Stop Now! by Josie of Fashion Mumblr 
I've been doing four out of five of Josie's tips. Though some might require extra steps, but they're all worth it. Read along to be convinced. 

My Perfect No-Makeup Look by Siham of Noirette Diary 
The (affordable and high-end) products that Siham mentioned in this post are known to be amazing giving her the most natural look. 


6 Ways to Treat Yourself on Valentine's Day by Marianna
Yes, Valentine's Day is over but as cheesy as it is, I think Valentine's Day should be everyday. Marianna shares how we could do on hearts day but if you do her tips every single day, I know you're going to have healthier and happier day 😊.

How to Feel More Confident in 60 Seconds by Coveteur
Do you have an incoming presentation like me? Then this is for you. 😉

My Trick for Avoiding Online Shopping Regret by Kate Waterhouse
I need this. Thank you, Kate. 😀(PS I included this in self-love because I think its appropriate lol.)


The 7 Beauty Stages of a Romantic Relationship by Byrdie 
This was hilarious. But true. They show the timeline of how a beauty relationship evolves alongside a romantic one. Read it and give yourself a laugh. 😀

Have a happy weekend!


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