Korean Beauty Brands I Would Try this 2017

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korean brands

In 2016, I invested more in skincare and preferred Korean skincare products. Why Korean? One. It is affordable. Most Korean products are affordable. To be honest, I prefer products that are around Php100-1000 and I only go beyond when that product has a lot of great reviews and feedbacks. Two. It is convenient. I purchase most of my Korean products online (Althea & Kkochipida), I usually receive them 3-15 days. Compared to buying them at the malls, I have to travel to different cities (esp. Manila because there's no Korean cosmetics shop in our city) and it gives me time to search for reviews about a certain product. But it took me a while to familiarized the brands and products that were really great for my skin type, because honestly, there is a looot of products out there, lots of brands, and I wondered where do I start? So here are some brands I've tried and I would definitely like to try more.

Innisfree opened 16 years ago that promises 70% Natural Ingredients in skincare. It is known for its eco-friendly containers and pure ingredients from Jeju Island. Its wide range of skincare products includes moisturizing, whitening care, pore care, wrinkle care, firming & lifting. Their makeup products are worth checking out too!

"You are what you eat". Healthy skin starts with food. Skinfood is the first cosmetic brand to root itself in food. From skincare to makeup to hair products, they incorporate each product with food. Not only does their product smell amazing, they actually work great to your skin. 

This brand is actually new to me. I heard so much rave about this brand thru so many Korean Youtubers. And it is a great product for acne prone skin. The brand claims to maximize good components, minimize harmful ingredients in a reasonable price. It is a compound of efficacious cosmetics and RX-ed with natural skin care components based on dermatology. 

This year, I am expecting months of sleepless nights and stressful days. Hello acne. But there are lots of skincare products from the line that I am hoping would help me treat my skin. 

This brand is definitely not new to those who are a fan of Kpop and Kdrama. It has a wide range of products great in helping your skin with whitening, anti-aging, moisturizing, etc, as well as the latest trends in makeup to achieve glowing and radiant skin. I've tried a few this year and I definitely added a few more to my wishlist. 

Created by the talented makeup artist turned K-beauty icon, Pony. Just like Cosrx, many Korean beauty Youtubers have been trying this brand out and loved it. Definitely an up and coming brand in Korean beauty. It is a bit higher than what I would go for when it comes to the budget side. Buuuuut yeah, I might try them soon.

Which brands do you want to try this year? 😊


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