SKIN FOOD Black Sugar Mask Wash Off | Worth the Hype?

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SKIN FOOD Black Sugar Mask Wash Off

The first time I heard about Skin Food was from a beauty vlogger, she mentioned the Black Sugar Mask in one of her favorite Korean skincare products. It is apparently one of the most hyped products in Korean skincare. It is enriched with vitamins and minerals used as an exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin cells effectively. 

Apply desired amount on your face, avoiding the eye and mouth areas. Mix with water and massage. Rinse with warm water after 10-15 minutes. 

It took me a while to grab one to review. When I tried for it looking at the mall, it was a bit over my budget when I first started using Korean skincare products. I bought this one from Althea at a much cheaper price several months after. 

The exfoliating scrub smells sweet and feels like sugar. It doesn't come with a spatula, and I do recommend one for hygiene purposes. The product is a bit rough when you massage it directly on to your face. That is why it is recommended to dampen your hands before the massage process. 

To be honest, I think that this product is WORTH THE HYPE. It is worth every penny and effort/time you put into using this one. It is a great manual exfoliator, doesn't break me out or irritate my skin. It works great for both my dry skin and my sister's oily and sensitive skin (doesn't dry me out or make my sister's skin oily as well). It is moisturizing and leaves your skin glowing and feeling soft.

I did expect it to be good. But I didn't expect for it to be AMAZING for both skin types. I really love how my face feels SUPER CLEAN after the exfoliating routine. It is affordable, has so much product for the price. Hence, it will definitely last you a very long time. :) 

SKIN FOOD Black Sugar Mask Wash Off

Definitely a 5 stars for this one!

What exfoliating product are you currently using? :)


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