Multitasking Skincare Products I Love

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multitasking skincare products

When shopping for skincare products, I always do some research and see to it if its great for my skin type and if it is totally worth its price. Sometimes I do stumble upon products that seem

Nivea Creme. This moisturizer is great for all skin types, children or adults and can be used for all seasons. There are so many surprising uses for this really heavy cream. I might as well create a list:
  • daily lotion/ moisturizer
  • face moisturizer (if you have really dry skin like mine - BUT do avoid the eye area as heavy creams applied on the eyes could cause milia, those little white bumps under your eyes which are so hard to remove)
  • makeup remover
  • as cream blush primer
  • treat or prevent blisters (apply this on the sides of your feet before wearing shoes to prevent blisters)
  • smoothen dry, cracked heels
  • post wax cream 
  • style cream for baby hair
I can't live without this product. Just saying. It comes with different sizes too which is great for travel.

Aloe Vera Gel comes from a succulent plant, aloe vera, which is really common in our garden.  Every single day I would pull a leaf and use it during my skincare routine applying it on blemishes. But it was a very messy process (removing the outer leaf and scraping the gel). It is such a relief to see some skincare brands selling aloe vera gels in tubs. Just like the nivea creme, it also has so many uses such as:
  • moisturizer for face, hands and legs
  • treat or relieve first degree burn (but do apply ice on the affected area first)
  • reduce acne and lighten blemishes on the face
  • helps prevent wrinkles
  • relieve insect bites and so much more!
The product I have is from Foodaholic. Nature Republic and Aloe Derma also sells Aloe Vera Soothing Gels. 

Cleansing Oil. The specific product I will forever be obsessed with is The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil. What I usually look for in a cleansing product is its ability to remove makeup (as well as waterproof) and how it would affect my skin. Makeup removal wise it is AMAZING. The best part is it removes white heads and leaves my skin silky smooth. Read my full review here

Face Mist. I first heard of face mists from Korean celebrities. They just spray it all over their face all the freakin' time, its all about the 24/7 hydration as they say. And I'm guilty of that as well. Ha! When we're thirsty we usually drink water to rehydrate, right? Same thing goes with our face, the face mist rehydrates the skin - great for dry and tight skin (like mine). I'm currently using the Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera Gel Mist (cause I thought aloe vera was a safe bet). Face mists also can be used to:
  • prep skin before applying makeup (yes even before the moisturizer for a more hydrated face)
  • for a dewy look, spray after applying makeup - before stepping out of your door step
  • makeup refresher - if you are about to have a night out, spray a little bit of mist before touch up.
These are just some of things I do with my recent facial mist for my skin type, but there are a lot of types of mists out there. So do a little bit of research and find something that your skin might need.

skincare products

What multitasking skincare products are your favorites?


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