2016 Most Disappointing Products

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disappointing products

The year is about to end and for sure bloggers will be revealing their favorite makeup and skincare products for this year. But there will always be purchases that didn't make the cut. Here are those products and why I'm not loving them:

Etude House Eye's Cream Mint Cooling

The Etude House Eye's Cream (Mint Cooling) with SPF 30 PA++

To be honest, I didn't expect much from this product. From my Korean beauty haul post, I thought this product was a bit gimmicky. Though it claimed to to relieve dark circles and puffy eyes, this definitely had no effect on me. It was definitely affordable but getting nothing out of this product was a total waste (tbh). I've just started using eye creams and from my experience they are all a bit pricey, so it will definitely be a bit tough in searching affordable but effective eye creams. 

Collagen by Watsons Cleansing Foam

Collagen by Watsons Moisturising & Brightening Cleansing Foam

Another affordable skincare cleansing foam which I have been using for months now. I did have high hopes for this one. I've been using some of the skincare products from the Collagen line which Filipino bloggers have been raving about since its release. Though the other products I've tried made it to my favorites list, this one sadly, I didn't like as much. 

It claims to be both moisturizing & brightening, however, I haven't experienced any of those in every use. After applying and washing, this made my face and pores feel really tight which I don't want at all. Doesn't remove any makeup and doesn't brighten my skin. This is a big pass and made me doubt to purchase other products from the Collagen line. 

colourpop ultra matte more better

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips 

Yes. You read it right. But I'm talking only about the Ultra Matte ones! I guess its not just me who kind of dislike these types. Youtuber Tati did talk about this in her channel, and I totally agree with her. I like the packaging, really sturdy, (however, the silver prints wouldn't last esp. if you put this in your makeup bag bumping into other products). The formula and finish just doesn't work out for me. I do have dry lips so I have to apply lip balm before applying matte lip products. But this sits on my lips soooo dry, tight and uncomfortable, it emphasizes all my lip lines making me look a bit older. I tried the shades More Better, Tulle, and Bianca (not in picture), all had the same effect so I gave it all to my sister (who ended up loving them - so maybe it depends on your lip type). However, I do love the Lippie Stix, which I will be talking about in my favorites post. ;)

colourpop ultra matte tulle

disappointing products

What are the products that you didn't like this year?


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