25 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

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lifestyle blog post ideas

As the new year is approaching soon, I wanted to add 25 more blog post ideas for you guys but today we will be talking about some lifestyle topics that I could think of. Hope these would help you out when you're having a hard time creating new content in your blog ;) Do check out my 25 beauty blog post ideas - makeup and skincare. So let's start!
  1. A travel photo diary post
  2. Your favorite TV shows
  3. Some money saving tips
  4. Few blogging tips/advice you learned throughout the years
  5. Your most used apps
  6. 10 things you could tell to your younger self
  7. 10 things I learned in college
  8. Favorite restaurants in your town
  9. What you eat in a day
  10. Fitness routine
  11. A day in your life
  12. Easy DIY for the weekend
  13. Seasonal bucket list
  14. Top 5 inspiring people
  15. Your perfect weekend
  16. Home decor wishlist 
  17. Tips for staying organized 
  18. How to stay motivated
  19. Life lately through your phone
  20. What you use to edit your photos 
  21. Travel bucket list
  22. Budget meal ideas
  23. Plan with me!
  24. Your favorite movies in genre: horror, documentary, romance, comedy, action & scifi
  25. Gift ideas for birthday or xmas!
What blog post ideas would you add in the list? :)


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