5 Apps to Improve Your Productivity

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5 Apps to Improve Your Productivity

With so many things in my plate, juggling tasks for home, personal life, school and blogging, I'm always in the search for the best apps that could help me in planning and organizing my life. Though I use a physical planner for day to day, I sometimes prefer going digital to be able to save some trees from paper or post it notes. So here are some phone apps which I have been using, hoping you would try these and find them useful!

I like to think of Swipes as a digital to-do list. You could enter a specific task and create a tag/ workspace to specify it (and easy viewing when looking for other tasks in the same category). Swipe it to the left to make it as a reminder for later, swipe it to the right if the task is already completed!

Fleur de Force loves this app and I decided to give it a try. It could be accessed by your phone, tablet and laptop/desktop, then share it to friends/ family/ colleagues. I like to list down grocery lists, blog post ideas lists, travel packing lists, etc. and bring it with me everywhere.

The free version (which I am using) can be used with 2 gadgets. The concept is that you could create a notebook and notes in it, make lists or simply jot down notes. I used to have a blogging notebook but ever since I decided to go digital (except for my personal planner), I've been using Evernote to plan my blog posts and anything that is blog related :)

OneNote is basically the same as Evernote but I use it to jot down notes that I get from Youtube such as DIY ideas and recipe ideas. It also has quick notes, useful when you are jotting down from your phone. You could type, draw or clip from the web. Your very own digital notebook, as they say :) Next year I am planning to go digital on note taking and I'm shifting all of my notes to OneNote.

I like to think of Keep as a digital post it notes. You could also jot down lists, quotes, notes, etc. Color-code it by categories, take photos as a note, send it to your friends or add a reminder. This has been what I've been using since I bought my recent phone!

Have you tried these 5 apps? Comment down below some of your favorite productivity apps :)

Happy weekend!


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