25 Beauty Blog Post Ideas (Makeup)

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25 Beauty Blog Post Ideas (Makeup)

For today I'm sharing to you 25 of my beauty blog post ideas. I hope this would be helpful when you're in a blogging rut. Share links of your posts if you did one already! So here we go:

1. Share your "5 product face" makeup products. Think deeply: what are the 5 products you would use on your face for the day. Not so hard for minimalists. :)
2. Give us a peak of your travel beauty essentials.
3. Share to us your everyday makeup routine.
4. Empties posts! All the products that you just empties and verdict whether you love it or not, you'll repurchase it or not.
5. Snap your current purchases and why you bought them! :) Hauls are pretty exciting in my opinion.
6. 5 oldies but goodies. Reminisce 5 products that were released years and years ago but you still love.
7. The most disappointing products :(
8. Create a drugstore starter makeup kit. We may not be pros with this but think about a scenario: if you are given a chance to talk to 15 year-old you, what products would you recommend to yourself?
9. Your ride or die makeup products. Jaclyn Hill started this challenge and I dare you to do it! Basically you have to choose one cosmetic product from each category to a desert island.
10. Individual or group product review.
11. Do a "one brand look".
12. Share your travel makeup and skincare routine.
13. Drugstore/ luxury makeup products you think are worth the hype!
14. Enumerate your favorite online shops and share your experience.
15. Your makeup wishlist for this season.
16. Create a "day to night" transition makeup look.
17. Show us how you organize your makeup products and brushes!
18. DIY makeup organizers or containers.
19. Makeup products for acne prone skin.
20. Give us your tips or tricks on doing your eyeliner.
21. Your lips but better lip products.
22. Recreate a celebrity or model's look.
23. Your face but better bases. Still on the search of foundations for this post!
24. Makeup products for dry skin.
25. Share your recent brow routine, so we could all have a strong brow game ;)

Share some of your beauty posts on the comments below and I'll check them out!

Happy weekend!


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