Rimmel London Extra Wow Lash Mascara

by - 6:00 PM

These past few months I've been using products from different brands that aren't new and not so talked about in blogs. I stumbled upon a mascara from Rimmel London which is called the Extra Wow Lash Mascara. The name definitely caught my attention. 

Rimmel London claims that the oversize volume building brush easily creates soft to dramatic looks, progressive volume visible up to 12x, and has lash building formula for highly defined lashes. Only available in shade black.

As you look closely, this mascara has so many bristles which really gathers your lashes with the rich formula. I was really amazed how "huge" the spoolie is.

Observe the photos above, the first one are my lashes without any mascara on. If you look closely, you may have seen some straight lashes while some of those in the middle are a bit curved. Here in the second photo, I applied two coats of mascara, which I usually don't do since I feel that my lashes are a bit heavy and the product does flake a little (starting with 2nd coat). Honestly, with just one coat, you could easily see a huge difference and it does curl your lashes which I really like. 

It does give your lashes length but doesn't give that much volume. What I observed is that it gathers your lashes (its like having individual false eyelashes minus the volume), hence, I usually use a clean spoolie and brush my lashes. And another downside, I find it hard to apply the product on my lower lashes because of its huge brush. I sometimes accidentally poke my eye with the brush.

Even though my expectations from its name "Extra Wow" Lash wasn't met (honestly, a bit misleading), I do think this product is good for everyday use, instantly curls your lashes and making you look more alive or awake. Giving this product 3.8/5. 


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