2016 Belle De Jour Power Planner Review

by - 7:00 PM

Every October, I would get soo excited and start window shopping for planners. It takes a while for me to find the "perfect" planner every year. I usually go to bookstores and buy one but this year I decided to buy one online and went for the Belle De Jour Power Planner.

It was also a good timing when I saw that there was a sale for all of their planners during that time, grabbed the opportunity and bought one.

I love the weekly page setup. There are motivational quotes above each spread . If you look closely, there is a light time slot for each day which you could ignore if you prefer not to put the time of each appointment. It also has these boxes below each day, you could put your to do list. I'm a grad student and things can get a little hectic so I prefer to emphasize the time of each appointment and I use the boxes to write the bible verse and quotes from my daily devotional.

I reused most of my dream board photos from my previous planner. These are mostly my life time goals. Can you tell I'm a huge fan of Kendall Jenner's style?

Some of the planner's features: 2016 Goals (Vision Statement, Personal Life Goals, Financial Goals, etc.), Happiness List, 2016 Checklist, Menstrual Tracker, Events and Monthly Calendar, Bills Tracker, Cash Flow Tracker, and so much more!

I also purchased three of the washi tapes from the BDJ website. Inside the pocket of the back cover, there are free stickers and a booklet containing  the BDJ Lifestyle Card and some discount coupons for various stores. Exciting!

I super love the BDJ Power Planner and I recommend it to every Bella :) Purchase one here: ilovebdj.com.


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