How I Treat Acne and Blemishes

by - 5:00 PM

A few months ago, I experienced something I don't usually experience. I used a skincare product for the very first time (I was super excited even) but then after using it for three days, I found five pimples all over my face. When I would have an acne breakout, it only takes 2 days and those pimples would start to fade. But in that experience, it took months for me to stop the acne from multiplying and the blemishes to fade. I eventually stopped using the skincare products that worked for me before because it honestly didn't work for me after the acne breakout "marathon".

When I started blogging, I posted my review on the Tea Tree Line from The Body Shop. At that time, I did love the products but I only used it when I had a pimple, for the reason that it was a bit harsh for me at the time. But a few months ago, I was honestly desperate to bring back my no pimple face and I once again gave the Tea Tree Line a try. 

So before applying makeup, I switch my moisturizer to The Body Shop's Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion which I absolutely love and I reviewed here.

For skin care, I use The Body Shop's Tea Tree Skin Clearing Face Wash both during the day (before moisturizer) and night (after removing my makeup). Then The Body Shop's Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner which, in my opinion, is kind of harsh to my skin at first but it removes makeup residue and my face feels sooo clean. I also added The Body Shop's Blemish Face Night Lotion to my routine, it prevents my face from being oily during the night and prevents acne from becoming worse. Finally, I've been using Aloe Vera leaf extracts. I don't know why I decided to use this but one day, I just pulled an Aloe Vera leaf from our garden and applied the extract all over my face, and I usually wash it the next day. But this was one of the things that helped stop the acne breakout and fade my blemishes. If you don't have any Aloe Vera leaves at home, I recommend using the Aloe Derma Pure Aloe Vera Gel which I usually use when I'm traveling.


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