The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion

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For years I've been using the same moisturizer before applying makeup. But I read somewhere that a time will come when the product you loved the most wouldn't be as effective or satisfying as it used to be. This past month, I've finally changed my moisturizer which is The Body Shop's Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion. 

Four months ago, I used a skincare product which gave me zits here and there all over my face. It also left me with blemishes that reoccurred as acne a few days later. I know it sounds so gross, but its true. My sister used to apply this to her face everyday until she found a better product for her acne-prone skin. She gave me a few products from The Body Shop's tea tree range which she hoped would stop the acne from coming back (or multiplying) and blur the stubborn blemishes on my face. 

I started applying the lotion on my clean face every morning before applying makeup. To be honest, I really love this product. A small amount would be enough to apply all over your face and neck. It gives a matte finish and I find it easy to apply and blend foundation or BB cream. It's not drying nor makes my skin oily. I couldn't really tell if this was the main reason that my blemishes started to blur as days passed by, I actually used a lot of products for my acne and blemishes and this lotion was just one of it.

After blending

I'm definitely going to continue using this product as it keeps my face soft throughout the day and the oiliness at bay with or without makeup.

I'll be sharing to you guys how I treated my acne and blurred the blemishes soon. So stay tuned ;)


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