Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Moss

by - 4:00 PM

I finally found an online shop which sells makeup products that aren't common here in the Philippines. But online shopping isn't that easy especially when it comes to picking shades for your tone. During a recent trip to Duty Free a few months ago, I passed by a stall of Rimmel London Lipsticks and to my surprise, they have a box of these lipsticks in four shades. I've been planning to buy these lippies but I've been having trouble picking the shades (they're so gorgeous!) but I'm glad I finally got to swatch these babies.

I got the shades (and recommend these when you feel a bit overwhelmed): 01 a beautiful deep red shade, 03 a pale nude shade, 05 a bright pink shade and 08 a natural nude shade. All shades are great for your everyday makeup look. But my favorite would definitely be number 08, gives a natural finish to my look.

When I first swatched the shades, I immediately thought, "How can I not buy these? These are basically what I need!" What I love about these shades is that they all are unique and when you look at the tube, you would definitely see what you expect. (Do I make any sense here? Lol)

These lippies glides on my lips easily, doesn't dry my lips and has a semi-matte finish which I love. Sometimes, putting matte lipsticks tend to make your lips look super dry up close, which isn't attractive at all. So these would be a great alternative. And they last for 4-5 hours on me with a bit of stain left.

I'm giving this product 4.7/5 and I'll be saving for more shades (woot woot).


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