Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Carnation

by - 5:00 PM

Buying this lip product was definitely unexpected. I don't know if my mom knows how many lip products I've been hoarding lately but when she asked if I wanted this one, I think she doesn't. She was randomly shopping during the time I promised to myself not to buy anything I'm with her because she's my ride home lol. But my mom gives her thumbs up on Revlon products. 

The packaging is elegant, minimalist and sturdy. The product is a rich glossy pink shade almost opaque. It glides on my lips easily and smoothly. What I like about this product is it's moisturizing/not drying, scent-free, and really creamy. 

What frustrates me is that it doesn't last that long (maybe a good 3-4 hours?) and its almost transparent on my lips (I only see the gloss with the first glide) and had to reapply it to really see a pink color on my lips. But I really like the shade though. 

I'm giving this product 3/5. If the wear time and formula is improved I might buy another one.


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