Blog-tember Challenge Introduction

by - 6:00 PM

Today starts a new month! Woot woot! It's finally September, my birth month, and I decided to join (yet again) The Blogtember Challenge - a month of prompts from my favorite blogger, Bailey Jean

So for those who just stumbled into my blog, HELLO! Welcome :) My name is Dubhe Joy, 21 years young and I'm from the Philippines studying Masters of Science in Statistics. I created this blog 16 months ago, during my last year in college. I love to eat, travel and discover new things. I'm a dog lover, we currently have thirteen dogs. I have a miniature pinscher, which I named Chanel, you will see her from time to time in here and Instagram ;) I'm also a make-up and skincare enthusiast and review certain products that I love (and not so love). 

This blog is where I share my opinions and experiences :) I can also be found on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat as @dubhejoy.


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  1. Nice to meet you, Dubhe Joy! 13 dogs?! Woah! I love dogs so that would be amazing!

  2. Nice to meet you!! Wow! 13 dogs is a lot! I love dogs though they are so sweet and love to snuggle. At least mine does. :)

  3. They are! I didn't know we had so MANY dogs til I counted them all! But they're all adorableee. Nice to meet you too!

  4. A husky?! Wow! I've always wanted to adopt one. Milo is such a cute name :)