Blog-tember Challenge: Farewell Coffee Date

by - 6:00 PM

A farewell coffee date. Take some time to breathe, sip a warm drink, and share with your new blogging buddies.

If you and I were in a coffee date, I would let you choose your favorite drink and share with you a dessert I've been eyeing on when we first entered the cafe. I'd ask you how you're doing, what's the best thing that happened today and what you think about the Blog-tember Challenge.

What about me? To be honest, I didn't post everyday. There were some topics that I think were too personal for me or I honestly felt I couldn't write anything with regards to the prompt. But when I think I have something to say, I would add my link to Bailey's daily prompt. I'm glad I joined, I met new blogging friends and readers. I got to share to these people what's on my mind and what I feel, give them a peek into my life. What has improved since I started the challenge? My typing skills have definitely kicked up a notch! HAHA. But before I started the challenge, I did a last minute designing my blog, I had to transform all of it and those 3 days were so tiring I wasn't able to schedule that much posts ahead. The Blog-tember challenge was a good reason to revamp my blog.

I might join the challenge again (for the 3rd time) next year. I really enjoyed blogging along with you guys and getting to know you better. And I appreciate every person who commented on my post. Let's keep in touch, shall we? Comment down below your thoughts about the challenge or your blog or Bloglovin' link so I could easily follow you and read your future posts!

Starting next week, I'll be posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, still sharing a few personal things about me and my recent beauty/skincare discoveries :)

This post is a link up to Bailey's 2015 Blog-tember Challenge, comment down below your link and I'll check them out! Have a great day!


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