The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Design My Eyebrow

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I remembered a few years ago when I first groomed my eyebrows. I was so excited and nervous at the same time knowing that my mom would have a fit when she sees it. She liked my eyebrows so much that she told me never to touch it with an eyebrow shaver. It may be ridiculous to talk about such a small thing now but the feeling of shaving my brows by myself (for the first time) made me wonder if I would overdo it - there might be nothing left or worse I would cut my skin :/ But thankfully nothing like that happened.

Slowly I learned filling in my brows which was harder than shaving it. For me, the brows are the most crucial part of applying make up for a rookie (I guess it always is). It's the first thing that I notice when I look at a girl. It's like the clothes but on your face (weird metaphor ha).

The first thing I used was an eyebrow pencil but it just came out wrong, it was too thick for me. Then I saw Youtubers fill in their brows with eyeshadow, which I did for years. Until I found this baby.

I bought The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Design My Eyebrow a few months ago in the shade 04 Brown. It's a triangular shaped eyebrow pencil which makes the inner eyebrows thick and the outer part thin. It also has a spoolie at the end.

In all honesty, I LOVE this product. It's natural looking so I've been using it everyday since I bought it. Filling in my brows has never been this easy since. It smoothly glides on my eyebrows and when I think I applied too much, the spoolie just does the trick of evening it out. But I do think the spoolie is a bit hard though.

It can be easily removed with water but it stays for more than 8 hours (in my experience).

I'd rate this product 4.5/5. Will I repurchase it? Definitely. :)

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