Blogging Essentials

by - 12:16 PM

1. Planner. I can't live without one.
2. Pilot Frixion. I love this pen. Its lighter than the usual sign pens I used but the idea of removing your mistakes as if its a pencil is just what I need for a clean planner!
3. Camera. Which I used to photograph the photo above. I'm using my Canon EOS 500D.
4. iPad mini. When I just had a long day, the last thing I want to do is open my laptop. I use this for browsing and making draft blog posts and playing games.
5. Laptop. Edit photos. Publish blog posts. Checking emails. The works.
6. Lists Notebook. I jot down blog post ideas here ;) I may grab my phone when an idea pops up but I transfer it here by the end of the day.
7. Sticky Notes. Simply because it makes the pages of my planner colorful :D
8. Phone :)  It hasn't been a year and this is my 5th phone. Lol. Used only for texting and updating my social media accounts. Follow me on twitter and instagram, @dubhejoy. :D

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