The Body Shop Body Butter Favorites!

by - 10:37 AM

It's Thursdaaay! That means another beauty/skincare review! Since last week, I shared a disappointing product that I purchased so this week I'll be talking about a favorite! (What's with all the exclamation point? Ha.)

Ever since my sister started using The Body Shop products, my mom and I have been obsessed with their body butters. And its in the scent Moringa and Honeymania. I actually have three body butter favorites but I left in Manila. And it smells sooo good. I think it was the Wild Argan Oil. 

I constantly watch beauty bloggers/youtubers fromthe UK because most of them loove TBS products but every time I check out their favorites, I just couldn't agree with them.

Both products are suitable for dry skin. Moringa smells like a candy I used to love, while the Honeymania is sweet and floral.

What I love about these product is that it smells so goood (no doubt with that), keeps my super dry skin soft and moisturized/hydrated. 

My mom applies this day and night. Once when my cousin visited us in Manila, my mom told her to apply it on her super dry hands (I guess it runs in the family?) and hours after application she said her skin didn't crack or flake like it usually does during the day and it actually feels super soft. Thus, she bought these two that night. :)

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