Goals for 2015

by - 3:03 PM

Happy new year everyone! First day of the year with a positive mind, I'm sharing my goals for this year. I kept it realistic and I hope I would accomplish all of these:

1. Learn something new. I do believe that learning should be constant in our lives. And that may be the reason why I'm the curious type. This year I want to learn to bake (if my schedule permits). I have two subjects this semester but thesis definitely consumes a lot of my time! And I also want to learn a new language which I will be hopefully enrolling this May. Yay!
2. Graduate and find a job. I'm hoping and praying I wouldn't be delayed this year and graduate this April :) and if I do, thankfully my parents aren't rushing me to get out there and find a job but still I would do my best to be able to :) 
3. Less sleep! I don't know about you guys but after school or gym I immediately go back to sleep. Sometimes when I feel down or just facing so many problems I would do the same thing. At first it was a good strategy to clear the mind, I would take an hour of nap but then it became 2-4 hours. And worse I sometimes wake up when its already dark outside. The problem I saw was that I wasn't facing my responsibilities or problems anymore. The idea of sleeping and forgetting all about it feels good for the mean time but I often end my day unproductive and undetermined. 
4. Spend more time outdoors. So one solution I want to try was spending most of my day outdoors. Whether its studying, doing my thesis, or blogging I'm gonna do it where I could see trees and clouds and prevent spending long hours in my bedroom. 
5. Read & write! I couldn't believe that I have read a lot of books this year. I'm not a bookworm but for me, it was plenty. This year I want to step out of my genre type and discover new amazing books :) As of the writing part, I decided to start the 5-year journal thing where I would be writing everyday for the next 5 years :) I think it would be fun writing what you did or how you felt the today and look back how you were a couple of years ago :)

May 2015 be the best year for us!

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