by - 4:47 PM

I cant believe the year is about to end. I remembered booking our flight for this December months ago. I'm going back to our second home next week and that is where we will be spending Christmas. Its our first Christmas there but I just learned my sister wont be spending the holidays with us because of work. And I know it would suck without her there. 

Anyways I still have a week to enjoy my hometown. Some students are busy with their exams but as a graduating student, we will have our exams next year. All that has been consuming my time is my thesis and gym. Yes! I've been going to the gym now! I never thought in a million years I would be a gym member but it has been a great experience for me which I plan to share soon :) 

Happy Christmas shopping everyone! I hope last minute shopping would be avoided (I know I can't) :))

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