My Favorite Tradition

by - 7:29 PM

One of my favorite tradition is spending my summer and semestral break in Manila, the capital of PH. I currently live in a small city surrounded by beaches, waterfalls, and farms. Back in elementary, I usually visit other cities near my hometown, but ever since my dad started working in Manila, my sister, mom and I would visit my dad. My parents usually persuade me to spend a few weeks there, a way of relaxing and detaching myself from all the stress from school. 

When I get to Manila, I usually cook dinner for my dad, do the laundry (my favorite chore tbh). And when my dad is working I would visit the museum, park, aquarium, Divisoria ;) and not to forget, my favorite place of all – Intramuros :). I would also see my high school friends who are working and studying there. 

I’ll be visiting Manila next month for 10 days, but I think I’ll be going alone. I still have a few weeks to plan on what I’ll be doing there on my own. :/ Last year, I was there for a month, ALONE. It was the most boring vacay ever. I wasn’t expecting it. I bought a round trip ticket as I’ll be going home in a week. Then I learned in the next 24 hours that my mom changed my ticket and I’ll be going home in 28 days. I wasn't able to plan ahead and save money for a month long vacay so I would spend hours cleaning the house and watching replays of Extra and TMZ. Urgh. That’s not happening ever again :))

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