When I Started Blogging and Why?

by - 8:08 PM

I created this personal space last April 2014. Yes. Still very fresh :) But I created my very first blog when I was still in highschool :) In that blog I posted everything about K-pop and Korean movies or dramas.

Before graduating, I became interested in photography, started documenting my life and the events I go to which made me open a photoblog where I share my photos :) Pictures were my way of letting people see how I view things with my own eyes and I thought a photo could already tell a story as I wasn't really good with words.

Last March 2014, I decided to open another blog (which is this one :D) as a way to develop my writing skills while sharing to the world my experiences and the things I know. A place where I would lock down my memories and read it again when I'm older :) 

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  1. haha yay fellow Korean Drama lover!!

  2. I think I started 3 blogs before I finally got serious with this last one. Blogging is a great place of preserving thoughts and memories indeed. :)