Singapore Experience

by - 6:32 PM

So far the best vacation I've had would be our trip last year to Singapore. That was my first time traveling abroad and I went there with my mom and sister. Tough my mom was a frequent traveler, it was her first time in Singapore so we all purchased a package from an agency.

We planned our trip a couple of weeks before our travel date and everything was OK 3 days before our trip.

Even though we had an itinerary and we had lots of free time, my sister and I proved our mom that we could tour the city in our own in an inexpensive way.

We were able to meet new friends during the trip. Got a huge discount while shopping. And learned more about this beautiful and eco-friendly city.

 Planning for a trip to Singapore soon? I'll be sharing our travel experiences and I'll be giving tips on how you can save when in Singapore! :) So come back here soon!

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