My Personality Type :)

by - 7:57 PM

I am an extrovert :) An extrovert is energized by being around other people :) If you would meet me personally, you might say that I'm the craziest, most energetic person you've met. I might look a little bit decent in my photos but when I start talking, I talk nonstop, start dancing when I hear a song (even if its a slow song) or talk to you like I've been possessed by a gay man. Leave your laptop on and I would start pranking or leaving you anonymous messages on your notepad. I would make weird noises, laugh sarcastically at your jokes, or poke or tickle you when I would pass by. That's just who I am :)

My friends would often ask me if there's something wrong with me because of my weirdness but honestly speaking, I wouldn't be this crazy if I'm not surrounded by my friends. They may say that my mental disorder (as they adress it HA!) is infectious but I think I wouldn't be able to reach that level of energy if I'm alone. I find it really boring when I'm alone. When I'm traveling to school, I'm silent but when I enter a room with my classmates in it, I would find myself grinning from ear to ear :)

When I took the Myers-Briggs assessment, I am an Extravert Sensing Feeling Judging (ESFJ) :)

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  1. Visiting from the link up! I'm a total introvert but according to my Myers-Brigg personality I seek out extroverts to be friends with, which I think is pretty neat!