Most People Don't Know This But...

by - 8:52 PM

I'm a hoarder :) 
I daydream a lot. 
I'm named after a star :)
I love kids but I didn't want a younger sibling :D
I'm always hungry. I'm ALWAYS thinking about food. 
I love working out but I hate running. That's why I hate fun runs -_-
I sleep with the lights on. Even a small bedside lamp is fine with me.
My mom and I would pull pranks or make fun of each other everyday. 
I roll my eyes on people who say they love milk tea but they don't like tea. 
I used to talk to myself when I was a kid. My mom thought I was talking to the chickens or the dogs.
 I respect my parents. But I talk to them the way I would talk to my friends and my sister. So my friends are really confused when this conversation happens when I'm on the phone. "URGH! Whatever! HAHAHA! OK. Bye. Love you dad." 

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  1. Found your blog through the link-up! Interesting facts, girl. Now I'm curious, are you named after a star in the sky or a celebrity? =)

    1. I'm named after a star in the sky :) one from the Big Dipper :)