I am Passionate About ...

by - 7:27 PM

I am passionate about music. Despite how cliche it may sound, music has been part of my life since I was little. Back in elementary, school and music lessons were my priorities. I would spend most of my free time playing the piano, listening to classical music and finding scanned sheet music of a particular piece in the internet. Although I devote most of time for music, I know I wasn't the best performer in town. I always, ALWAYS, have a stage fright when playing a piece in front of a crowd. I would rather play the piano by myself in an empty room and compose a piece.

It was only in my high school years that I started to step out of my comfort zone and played for our school mass during lunch break. I was really touched when my classmates would compliment or admire the songs and pieces that I would play. The more I played the piano, the more I felt this energy and satisfaction and I was convinced to make it my career path. But my parents thought it was a crazy dream and they didn't allow me to pursue it.

Fast forward, it has been five years since I stopped my music lessons. I still play the piano. I still listen to classical pieces. Sometimes I would long to press the keys and produce a sound, then a harmony. Now that I'm going through a lot I'm really thankful that God would find ways for me to rekindle my love for music. He really does make a way for me to rediscover that feeling of peace especially at times of stress :)

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