10 Things I Love About Myself

by - 7:39 PM

No negative self-talk for today's prompt! :)

Things that I love about myself:

1. I'm always curious. :D I like reading, discovering, and stalking :))

2. My height. I'm 170 cm long. Not too short, not too long (in my opinion), but I'm taller than most girls in our class :) With my height, I could reach top shelves and qualify when applying as a flight attendant here in PH :)

3. I'm observant. :)

5. My eyes. People say I have nice eyes :)

5. I'm friendly. :) I may be silent around unfamiliar people but try talking to me :) I can keep the conversation going :)

6. I'm a light sleeper. I personally think being a light sleeper has an advantage. I can wake up even to the lightest bump. I even wake up when there's a cockroach visiting the room :)

7. I act motherly. Some of my friends call me mom. Others may think its kind of rude, but they call me this 'cause I care for them :D

8. My sense of humor. I just don't know why but sometimes I say something with a straight face and people would just laugh. :))

9. I'm weird. How weird am I? Read my previous post. :)

10. My long arms. I'm thankful I have long arms (and a long body), 'cause I just have to stretch that bod and reach things with my arms then I don't have to stand up just to grab something (within 2m of reach of course) #lazygirlalert


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  1. great list. I'm doing this challenge as well.

  2. I'm not a light sleeper at all--almost nothing can wake me, and I prefer it that way, but it's a good thing that you recognize the good stuff about being a light sleeper!

  3. What a charming post, I am loving this Blog-tember Challenge. I may want to try this out myself sometime. I can't wait to read tomorrows post.



  4. Great post, Dubhe! I too am ever curious, observant and friendly. I love seeing other young women spreading the self-love around!

    - Lizz
    Smile a little at my blog here :]

  5. Oh my goodness! This is a brilliant idea! Lovely little list! It's so easy to be down about yourself and forget your good points! This is an amazing way to concentrate on your positives! May have to do this too! Well done x