5 Products from My Mom's Vanity

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Ever since I was a little girl, I've been the one cleaning and organizing my mom's vanity table. She's so busy that she often doesn't have time for it. I remembered playing with the eyelash curler and checking out her lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes. Obviously, I'm curious about make up at a very young age (but at that time my mom thought I was boyish HAHA). So when I started college and applied BB creams, foundations, lipsticks, the works, she didn't expect that I would keep on visiting her vanity. Sometimes just to look at the mirror, however in some occasions, stealing some of her products and use them! HAHA :) so here are some of those stuff:

1. Bath and Body Works: Paris Amour Body Cream. My mom's a big fan of this brand, when we went shopping for scented lotions, I was confused if I should buy this or not. I bought the Tresor set instead. But my mom knew I also like this scent so she bought it too, and kept it. So I always drop by her vanity when I feel applying this scent :)

2. Concept Cosmetics: Snow Rose. Other than the Paris Amour Body Cream, I would apply this Snow Rose before sleeping :)

3. Shiseido Powder. My mom's an avid Shiseido user. And this is her everyday foundation powder and I sometimes ASK her (yes I only ask permission when using her Shiseido products) if I could use it during special occasions :)

4. Loreal Color Harmony: Glamour Chic. I love this make up palette. I kind of regretted not buying this. My mom did ask if I want one but didn't know if I'm gonna use it often or it would just be kept in my drawer. Its long lasting and when blending the different shades, the outcome looks really nice.

5. Soleil Tan De Chanel Moisturizing Bronzing Powder. I recently used this for a party as I have decided not to look pinkish that night. It appears tanned but blends well with my skin tone. I'm not really a big fan of it though especially its brush. My mom said I applied it right but it kind of took me sometime to contour my face.

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  1. I also occasionally visit my mom's vanity :P I usually borrow her perfumes lol

    xo, Pau