Nivea Roundup: For Dry Skin

by - 10:50 AM

Even back in high school, I often experience a dried up skin in the middle of the day. Cracked lips, peeling, tight, or rough skin were (at that time, I thought) normal for me. But my mom was really concerned of my skin type and it never really became normal (even during the time when I frequently changed lotions) 'til I started using Nivea products.

Above: Nivea Soft is a moisturizing cream for the face, hands and body contains Jojoba Oil & Vitamin E. This is what I usually apply before going to bed and it doesn't feel heavy on the face. I sleep in an air conditioned room for 5 hours and when I wake up in the morning, my face still feels smooth and moisturized :)

Nivea Immediate Sun Protection Face Fluid. One thing that I love about this product is that its non-sticky and it doesn't have a strong scent like sunblocks. It has SPF 30 and it's fast absorbing. I apply this everyday before BB cream for extra protection since I'm always walking under the sun.

Nivea Sparkling White Day Care was a recent addition when my sister was disposing it but I wanna try. And it works wonders (and less break out for me). My relatives often tell me I'm blooming recently HAHA idk if its because of this or just the new sleep routine that I'm doing.

 Nivea Soft Rose is a forever repurchase. Both my mom and I have this in our drawers. I loved it before for what it is and I still love it now. It has a scent like milk, softens the lips and maintains your natural lip color.

Below: Nivea Express Hydration Lotion. 3 words. Long. Lasting. Moisture. :)

Nivea Refreshing Toner. What I look primarily in a toner is that it cleans and removes make up residues without drying up the skin. Basically what the product does plus intensively moisturizing the face.

Nivea Intensive Moisture Serum. When I read the packaging it felt like heaven's light showed up and angels were singing. Kidding XD. But this was the product that I really NEED. It has SPF 25, and great for dry and damaged skin like mine (such as flaky, rough, cracked, dull, peeling, etc.) A must have in my bag when I'm on the go. 

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