Life Lately

by - 4:07 PM

After weeks and weeks without a phone, I finally decided on one and bought it :) also made a crochet pouch for it. Obviously, turquoise is my thing this week.

Invitation from a wedding that we were going to attend. :) Its really cute XD

Classes start next week and I'm sort of ready! Well, in the materials category only though :(

During breaks I would play PVZ2 and as you can see I passed level 18 (Wild West). It was crazyyyyyy. It took me two days to pass this part, tested lots of strategies and THIS was the only strategy that made me through. Can you believe it? All I needed were just those Spikeweeds. 

Enrolled myself in just a day! Hooray! :)) and this is my tiring schedule @.@

Om nom and I are reunited :) loved the Cut the rope 2 with Om nom's cute videos :3

Found this post by Annemerel :) planned on putting Inspiring Quotes on my study table :)

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