Favorite Things To Do During Weekend

by - 9:56 AM

Its no surprise that I love weekends. For me, its like a mini vacation after five days of stress, study, and work. I often greet "TGIF!"  or "happy weekend!" in my blog or tweets, 'cause I want to have a relaxing weekend for myself. Might as well pass the energy to other people :)) Weekends are also the days when I do some chores and personal things for myself :)

Cleaning and Organizing
Sundays are usually my "cleaning day". During the entire morning, I would clean my room, organize my dresser, closet, and desk, sweep the house, and clean my make up brushes.

Pigging Out
During Saturday or Sunday night, my family often times go out and try some newly opened restaurants, have some barbeque party in the house with relatives, or just enjoy karaoke time at home while nibbling on pizzas :)

Movie Time
After cleaning, if I don't have to catch up on some studying and homework, I would watch and rewatch movies and tv shows :D Devil Wears Prada, Pitch Perfect, Gossip Girl, and How I Met Your Mother are my all time favorites.

Lots of Rest
Since I was a kid, Saturday afternoons are usually my nap time. :)) I never appreciated it when I was little, but now I would beg for at least two hours of nap :)

"Me" Time
I usually sit down for an hour and just look through my schedule, visualize what to prioritize for this week and outline some blog posts to schedule ahead. 

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