Favorite Fragrances

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 I was rummaging through all my perfumes and colognes. It came to me that, wow I have a looot of perfumes, most of them still have contents. I'm such a hoarder. But I also thought, which of these should stay and I should repurchase. So I separated those perfumes that I often use and here are my favorites:

Lancome Hypnose is both me and my mom's favorite Eau de Parfum Spray of all time. My mom and I have different preference when it comes to fragrances but because of the floral and vanilla scent of Hypnose, agruement no more :)

Bench Oh My George! by Georgina Wilson I've repurchase this and I frequently use it when I want to feel light and girly. I super love the glass bottle :) definitely gonna buy this again esp its a local product.

Favorite Eau de Toilette & Eau Fraiche for travelling:
Davidoff Cool Water Woman was a gift from dad from high school. My sister frequently used hers so I didn't use mine 'til mid-college. As a Eau de Toilette, I must say, the fresh and sensual scent stays long that I don't have to spray it again in the middle of the day :)

Penshoppe Unlimited For Women has a sweet and cool scent. Which is also affordable for on-the-go girls, just spray and throw it in your bag not worrying if its gonna break :)

Miss Dior Eau Fraiche is what I always bring with me when traveling 'cause its small and smells really good. But I always make sure to carry a bag that a has a small pocket, the cap sometimes falls off suddenly spilling the perfume :(

My favorite Eau De Parfum for special occasions:
Estee Lauder Pleasures: Exotic has a fruity-floral scent, sort of tropical which I kind of like if I want to smell fresh all day especially if I'm going to be indoors the whole day and it reminds me of the flowers in our garden :) The scent though, is a bit strong for me, so I usually spray it at the lower back of my neck and wrists. :)

Lancome Tresor in Love is my latest favorite. I wasn't expecting to buy this back when we went to Duty Free (as I was looking for Hypnose which wasn't available at that time) but the saleslady introduced their latest scent which I couldn't stop smelling. Its so feminine and romantic, I admit, I've been using it everyday and I get lots of compliments :) I spray somewhere in my neck as close to my face so that I could smell it all the freakin' time. 

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