Back to School :)

by - 10:24 AM

It's Sunday again! But today is special since we're going to celebrate three things today :) Father's day, my mom's birthday, and their wedding anniversary :) Last week was my first week back to class and I'm pretty sure that I often mumbling about my lack of excitement for school but my week wasn't so bad, it primary consisted of: 

Surprise Quiz
One of the moments in my week when my heart literally froze and my brain was like, "What?!" Oh well. Expect the unexpected :))

Fresh Faces in the Campus
Sometimes its fun to look at clueless freshmen but they're not so clueless-looking now. However, I'd prefer seeing lots of people in school rather than the ghost town look after the finals :)

Lots of Free Time
As it always will be during the first week back to school. Got to enjoy it 'til it last.
Rainy Days
I should buy rain boots or something. I do love the rain when I'm indoors. But on the other hand, not so much :/

Reunited with My Comp Lab Unit 
I missed my spot! I spend hours and hours here. And from the picture I was surfing, before the class started of course.

Managing my time
Now that my sister is working, I have to juggle house chores and school. Its harder than it sounds but management and balance is the key! :)

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