5 Reasons Why You Should Always Look Your Best

by - 11:32 PM

Before writing this post, I interviewed my mom and my sister why it matters to look your best everyday :) It was a fun sharing and brain storming :) so here are our thoughts:

 1. You'll never know who you're gonna bump into. This was the first thing that popped out of my mind. I mean what if you're on your way to the market or just a quick trip to a store and you lock your eyes with an ex (plus points if he's with his current girlfriend), your crush, or that girl who teased you back in elementary and you didn't put your make up, iron your clothes, or wore the wrong pair of slippers (hey, it happened to...somebody XD).

2. Helps build confidence. It can't be denied that we feel better and more confident if we look neat or pretty. Also gives us a positive vibe :)

3. First Impression Counts. Whether its a job interview, meeting a client, or just meeting somebody new, first impression really counts. What if he/she doesn't recall your name and would address you as the girl with "the rundown mascara, wrinkled clothes, untidy shoes"? I mean. It can be worse.

4. People will respect you & take you seriously. Something that my sister and my mom agrees on. People tend to respect somebody if they're composed and organized.

5. You never know what's going to happen. Never. Just like this post I just read.

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