Tagaytay Day 2: Skyranch & Villa Ibarra Hotel

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During our last day in Tagaytay, we spent our morning in Skyranch :) 

Tickets held by sissy :)

Then again took a photo overlooking the Taal Lake & Volcano :)

One thing about Tagaytay is that its so cooold when it shady, but when the sun is shining so bright, its soooo hot. I wore a knitted blouse that day, so it wasn't so uncomfortable for me, and I made dad block the sunlight when taking pictures hahah :)

We all took a ride on the Skyeye :)

Taal Vista Hotel is beside the Skyranch, its one of the biggest hotels in Tagaytay :)

Dad doing my fave selfie face :)) I have looots of photos of dad doing funny faces :))

Sissy and Mom :)

Since both my parents aren't fans of carnival rides, sissy and I bought a ticket for this. I think it was P150 (I forgot what its called haha sorry) but I'm NEVER EVER riding this thing EVER AGAIN. I literally died there, I remembered telling my sister many times, "I wanna go down. I don't want this anymore. Make it stop!" @.@ I was really dizzy and about to puke when we stopped. I even asked for a time out from my parents.

There are lots of fast food restaurants in Skyranch but we wanted to try a more local restaurant in Tagaytay, and my dad heard from his friends that there's BULALOHAN near Skyranch. We wanted to try it out (and Bulalo was something that sissy and I want after that dizzy ride).

Selfies of me and sissy, these were taken BEFORE the Skyranch experience so we're still alive and smiling haha.

Later that afternoon, we checked-in at Villa Ibarra Hotel so we could prepare for my cousin's wedding. It's the first time I met my cousin and we saw each other while she was preparing and us filling forms :)

Photo from Villa Ibarra Hotel website
The hotel was fully booked that weekend, good thing we were able to reserve and book ahead of time! :) We originally wanted the Amazing Room (because it has a veranda overlooking Taal Lake) but it was already booked that day. So we chose Awesome Room instead :) its almost the same as the Amazing Room (but minus the veranda). 

Their rooms are super clean, I love their comfort room and shower too (too bad the pictures were a bit of a blur). The amount paid for this room is good for two, but there are four of us so we had to add P500/head, breakfast included :) No need to pay for extra bed since two people perfectly fit with one.

It was raining that afternoon, when it stopped I peaked from the window to see the view, and I saw a rainbow :) sooo pretty.

You can also see it from the lobby too :)
From our floor, you could see the lobby :) and the staircase towards the venue of the wedding :)

Just outside our room is a living room/ lounge, I think. And this winding staircase is toward the Attic Room :) still with veranda.

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