Tagaytay Day 1

by - 4:12 PM

On Saturday, we left early for Tagaytay and stayed in a bed & breakfast since our reservation is for the next day :)) We went to Picnic Grove which was windy and sometimes sunny, with a great view of Taal Volcano & Lake.

Mom was clearly in a hurry to take a photo that we left sissy and dad behind. HAHA. 


It was a long waaaay down below, mom and dad eventually got tired and took a seat half way :)

There's a restaurant before going down the cottages :) So we took a break there too before going to the other part of the park. 
Snacks before we went for a walk :) 

Took a photo with the pony on the way (P20 per person :D) I was really scared that he might kick me, but Kuya assured he's nice :) Dad, on the other hand, had a massage for an hour :))

Selfie with mom and sissy :)
 Looking for a spot to lie down and relax :) Mats are for rent (P50) if you don't have one :)

Too bad it rained so hard after lying down for almost an hour :) just when I started enjoying the breeze :)

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