Manila Day 1 & 2

by - 9:16 AM

Last week, my mom, sissy and I went to Manila to visit dad :) and attend a wedding in Tagaytay that weekend. As always, our flight was delayed and we had to wait @.@
 1. Enjoying these Royce chocolates while talking with mom and sissy and meeting a family friend at the airport :) 2. Selfie with mom in the bus :D 3. Lunch time @ Kenny Rogers. Ordered my fave side dishes nomnom 4. Let's fly away :)

We arrived around 6pm and of course traffic (and not to mention crazy taxi driver haha). I totally dozed off right after dinner, got dizzy because of the ride.

 The next day we decided to wake up early and go to SM MOA and play badminton :) Mom was really intense as if she's competing in a tournament. HAHA. Taking a few pictures while taking a break, eating sweet potatoes :) Went to the hospital for dad's check up and ordered Rice in a Box :)

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