7 Wonders of Tea Tree

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Honestly, I've never heard of Tea Tree Products until my sister introduced it to me. During my finals, I was really stressed out, got sick and pimples start to break out (which barely happens!). I searched for the different benefits of  Tea Tree and started to use it :)

Using the tea tree oil:
1. Relieves Migraine. Migraines are usually caused by inflammation in our blood vessels due to stress and other factors. Inflammation is reduced with the help of anti-inflammatory property of tea tree oils. After studying and preparing for an exam, I took a few drops of tea tree oil into my palm and rubbed it on my forehead :)
2. Treating Insect Bites. During the rainy season, I applied 2 drops of tea tree oil with cotton swab directly to the mosquito bite :)
3. Colds or Runny Nose. Aside from the annoying mosquitoes, I had sore throat and a runny nose during the cold season. To be able to breathe properly, I boiled a cup of water and added 2-3 drops of tea tree oil and inhaled the vapor (while covering my head with a towel) for 10 minutes. This helps nasal passages to open, thus you can breathe better! :)
4. Fades Stretch Marks. This is something that I recently found while reading articles. :) works better when applied with aloe vera gel + cocoa butter :)
5. Make up Brush & Sponge Cleaner. After cleaning all my make up sponge & brushes with shampoo (and rinsing it, removing the make up residue), I soak it in a container with water and add 3-5 drops :) rinse it again with clean water after 15 mins.
6. Treats Acne. It's usually gone in a day or two when I apply a dab of tea tree oil to treat the pimple :)  

7. Blemish Remover. I recently used Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash and Toner to help clear and prevent blemishes and remove excess oil. It's really great 'cause it doesn't over dry my skin! :)

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