5 Things to Do @ the End of Each Day

by - 8:35 PM

After a long day from school/work, we often get tired and when we're getting ready for bed, the next thing we want to do is sleep. Experiencing my OJT this summer was ... well, something new. This maybe because I spend one hour traveling to work, 9 hours working, and another hour traveling back home (and I have just an hour or two for movies/surfing before sleep). During those days, I was able to add a few things to my routine before hitting the hay. And I'm going to share some of these to you ;)

1. Relax. You can watch tv, read a book, light a candle, or simply lie down (but don't sleep). Try to relax your body and finally think that the day is almost done :) My mom sometimes, light a Bel'air Oil Lamp/Diffuser which emits a therapeutic aroma which were helpful for my mom and sissy who had asthma.

2. Meditate/Pray.  After relaxing the body, now the mind. Some breathing exercises could help :) I like to read a daily devotional like Our Daily Bread or our Lesson Quarterly before praying. 

3. Review the events of that day. Think about the things that made you happy and excited that day. Recall the bad or unfortunate events that happened and accept it as it was, encourage yourself that it was just a bad day (not a bad life, as they say it), and that things will be different tomorrow :)

4. Make a list. It may be mental list of the things you have to do tomorrow, but I prefer writing it down 'cause I don't trust my memory HAHA. 

5. Nice Dreams. For some people I know, they drink tea or multivitamins before sleeping. They say it helps them sleep well. *whisper* Don't tease me but in my case, I drink a glass of warm milk. *whisper* ;)

Sweet Dreams everyone! :) 

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