Hey Y'all!

by - 12:00 PM

After being MIA from my prev blog for 2 months and experiencing a few problems, I've decided to open a new blog (but you could still review my previous posts here). :)

Not blogging for 2 months was a different experience for me. There were times that post ideas would pop in my head and I would be like, "Oh! I should blog this." Then my sub-conscious would tell me, "You're in hiatus mode, remember?" 

The main reason I stopped blogging for a while was to focus studying for my finals and preparing for the Alay sa Graduates that us, juniors, will be hosting. It was the best decision that I made after seeing my grades. :) But of course, I really missed blogging and sharing things. 

2 months. Weew. That's approximately 60 days, nothing much has happened but I'll be posting some things that happened during those days this week :) so happy to be back with a new blog!

Photo was taken during our Alay sa Graduates with Myco and Christian! :). I was really stressed out during that week (you can tell haha).

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