Catching Up

by - 11:45 AM

So during my hiatus mode:

1. Mister Donuts just opened outside school, bought a few and brought them home.
2. Container for indoor plant! :)
3. One sunday night, family and relatives gathered for bbq night :) made a few by myself :)
4. Selecta's new honeydew melon. My new obsession.
5. A "few" things to do for the Alay sa Graduates.
6. I took a lab test, a requirement for my OJT. When the results were out, I was surprised that it has a result for the blood sugar. I don't have to check it again with my parents when they come back :)
7. AsNTM finale!
8. Chocolatey love :)

1. Sundown by the market place :)
2. & 3. Madeleines, cakes, and cupcakes hihi :D 
4. Sundown view outside our home, spaghetti wires everywhere :))
5. Metallic NOTD for the party.
6. Stole sissy's Body Butter :3 smells goood
Pool party during Tita Tata's birthday :) 

Birthday cake for Johana :))
And last Saturday, my family and relatives gathered outside church before our bbq feast at home! :)

Recently, I'm busily enjoying my summer (as if haha) with OJT and spending some time with sissy at home since she'll be moving again :( boo. And in the upcoming academic year, I'll be a SENIOR baby! :))

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